Luoding fish rot wrinkled yarn

Luoding fish rot wrinkled yarn1

Luoding fish rot wrinkled yarn, also known as Luoding fish rot, Luoding crepe fish rot in Guangdong Province, Han Chinese traditional dishes, which belongs to the Cantonese cuisine. Has a long history, unique flavor, but every festival, the festival is a rare delicacy. The famous “Luoding, fish rot mainly by fresh dace, starch, eggs fried together. Rich in nutrition, soft, smooth and delicious, sweet fragrance, a long time to cook is not bad. Young and old edible. “Luoding crepe fish rot is a wild food, made of all kinds of dishes soup flavor the United States, hot rolling the soup, soft Huanen of rotten fish. Think of let people couldn’t help to swallow saliva.

Luoding fish rot wrinkled yarn2
Food features
Luoding wrinkled yarn putrid fish fried edible, sweet throat crisp fresh fish rot, mellow attractive, condensed milk and other flavor; used for cooking, soup and cook, for a long time is not bad, entrance and smooth, sweet and tender incomparable; stew, mouth left overflow, memorable. Before the seats, with water to boil for a moment, with the above soup, vegetables can be on the table
The processing method is: put the fish skin to bone, hand chop
Method for eating fish rot in Luoding
Method for eating fish rot in Luoding
Fish glue, with local Pink Heart (a homemade refined cassava flour),
Egg, seasoning, then adding water, repeatedly stirring, until the fish gelatin, elastic, then knead into a ball, with a local peanut fried into a golden yellow, picked up dry can.

Practice shredded

Practice shredded
Recipe ingredients: pork tenderloin 150 g, 2 green pepper, water, fungus moderate,green onion, ginger, garlic, the amount, salt and cooking wine a little powder a teaspoon (marinated pork)
Process approach: FRY
Recipes territory: Guangdong
Production method:
1, shred the meat, add a little salt and cooking wine and cornstarch marinate for 10minutes
2, water, mushrooms, green peppers into strips.
3, onion, ginger, garlic, chopped and set aside.
4, fine sauces.
5, heat oil in the wok, add after the onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant, add porkfried.
6, stir-fry until pork turns white, add sauce and stir well.
7, then add green peppers and mushrooms, and decorated with small bowls with sauce water, add and stir until sauce is thick and uniform wrapped in shredded meat and ingredients on the can.
Health Tip:
Pork proteins for a complete protein, containing essential amino acids, and essentialamino acid composition close to the body, so easy to make full use of the human body, high nutritional value, belonging to the high quality protein.

Top jewelry

White cut chicken (chicken) is
Chicken, onions, ginger, garlic, peanut oil, salt, coriander (according to personal taste, optional)


Specific steps:
1, clean the chicken slaughter, boil a pot of water as the soup base;
2, after the water boils, put your whole chicken, time should not be too long, probably 20 minutes too long chicken skin cracking phenomenon can occur, and tastes good enough;
3, remove the chicken and let cool, cut into pieces, (not cool then cut chicken), transfer to a plate;
4, cut the ginger, scallions, garlic, in a small dish, topped with peanut butter, soy sauce, salt, and seasonings;
5, like eat coriander friends can use saline wash parsley, installed on the table.

Traditional Cantonese diet Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

Traditional Cantonese diet

Tomato and egg fry, with a red and yellow Levin, salty sour taste.
raw material
300 g tomatoes, eggs, 3, 5 grams of sugar, 4 grams of salt, MSG 1 gram, sesame oil 3 grams, 40 grams of vegetable oil.
1. Wash the tomatoes, stalks, with a knife cut into 0.5 cm thick slices; a bowl beat the eggs, add a pinch of salt, MSG and mix well.
2. Wok stir, add vegetable oil 25 grams, pour eggs till the Qicheng hot, Dianfan stir well, Sheng people Secheng golden disk. Put the wok clean reset stir, add the remaining vegetable oil, till the Qicheng hot people tomatoes, add sugar, salt, MSG, stir fry, then pour the egg dish pot, stir evenly, topped with sesame oil can.
When frying eggs, oil should not be too little, to prevent the paste pot.

Traditional Cantonese diet Grilled omelette

Traditional Cantonese diet

Traditional Cantonese diet

Materials and Dosage
Beef 600 g, 100 g onion, potato one about 150 grams of bread a, egg yolk two, a tomato, egg four, flavor powder, salt, sugar, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, a little different.
Making and description
(1) First, the beef cut into small pieces, chop rotten, the addition of salt, sugar, pepper, taste powder and mix well. Onions to clothing, cut fine, first on the inside scoop up oil, saute standby.
(2) after the bread cut, peeled, soaked wet with a little water, pinch to the water, diced. Then, onion, bread, egg yolk and a little green powder all added to the beef puree, stir again forced to play a sticky date. Take this round cake made of dried beef, around or about 100 grams per piece may be larger. Then, put down inside the oil pan simmer fried, add oil when fried under straight fry until brown on both sides when (eating this fried beef, can eat a few mature and to be fully cooked, their own random good), scoop up the dish.
(3) The poached eggs fry, placed just above the fried meat, tomato slices, slightly fried, with the side dish. Somehow potato, cut into small strips, soaked with salt water, Fried, also with the side dish, topped with Worcestershire sauce then into a Western omelette in the chops.

Traditional Cantonese diet Shrimp Mango Salad


Materials used
4 ripe mango incense, a small bottle of salad dressing, prawns 500 g, 250 g potato twilight, a smaller onion, a small can of evaporated milk.
Traditional Cantonese diet Making and description
(1) the purchase of mango, ripe mango to choose and to be compared with the real meat is excellent, peeled, flesh cut out with a knife into small pieces block standby.
(2) prawn shrimp back in place with a small needle to pick the black bowel, the original only within boiling water boiled cooked down, picked up. Let cool slightly, stripped shell, diced shrimp turn standby.
(3) potatoes, peeled, cut into pellets, with a brine-soaked, Zhashu later.
(4) Also Fried diced onion, salad dressing, evaporated milk are mixed together, and mix well, put mango meat, shrimp, potato granule, onion and mix well, over the entire dish into the refrigerator, take out time to eat

Traditional Cantonese diet Osmanthus fish maw soup

Traditional Cantonese diet Osmanthus fish maw soup

Traditional Cantonese diet Materials and Dosage
Have fried fish maw 200 grams, 250 grams of lean meat Liu Mei, shrimp meat, 100 grams, 15 grams of mushrooms, pig 500 grams, two eggs, ginger 5, 4 green onions, rice wine, salt, sugar, cornstarch, pepper discretionary.
Making and description
(1) to release the pig iron, into the amount of water, first boil soup. Maw with warm water until soft, rinse in water, so greasy do go, then cut pellets.
(2) from the oil pan ginger, fragrant Scallions, splash a little rice wine, the fall of water, cook for 10 minutes down the maw grain, picked up, to pick ginger, green onions standby.
(3) Liu Mei diced meat with cornstarch, salt, sugar, oil, mix well, then diced shrimp, mushrooms soaked, stalks, diced.
(4) bone Tangbao good, across to the pig, and the remaining two bowls of soup is appropriate. In this case, mushrooms tablets, diced pork, fish maw grain Qi down a little roll moment, adapted taste, put shrimp with cornstarch mixed with water, the slurry becomes slightly thick gravy of appropriate, plus at mature oil, mixed with human eggs original bags serve. Splashing eat at some pepper, and can Tangxian Rouhua.

Beef ball soup bubble

[Materials and dosage]
Net 500 grams of beef, 1.5 kg light soup, coriander 10 grams, 15 grams onion, dry starch 45 grams, 10 grams of fresh powder, salt 12.5 grams, 3 grams of sugar, pepper 0.25 g, 0.6 g of sesame oil, peanut oil 10 grams, 10 grams of lard.

[Production and description]
(1) beef cut into thin slices, add fresh powder marinate for about 20 minutes, water to wash away the surface of the fresh powder, and then a clean towel dry buffalo meat surface.
(2) the beef placed on large cutting board with a wooden stick to beat to fine rotten beef, add salt 6 grams, then beat for about 10 minutes, and finally a knife cut about 5 minutes, remove and let in pots.
(3) in the dry cornstarch 50 grams of added water, mix thoroughly, then add pepper 0.15 g, 3 grams of sugar, sesame oil, 0.5 g and had rotten beef chop, mix, and mix from the gum to tarts, add people peanut oil 10 grams, then tart moment.
(4) Wu fire pan, added water, heated to boiling, put pan side away from the fire place, the rotten beef chop extruded pellets, into the boiling water, the rear end of the tempering position, switch to gentle heat, the Lawrence soak cooked beef balls (ie, all surfaced when beef balls), fish, drained of water (soup Reserved).
(5) add onion, coriander, sesame oil, 0.1 g and 10 g lard in a soup bowl, and sprinkle with pepper 0.1 grams.
(6) soaked beef ball of hot soup to beef ball back out, put people above nest soup.
(7) Wu fire pan; adding light soup, release 6.5 grams of salt, the soup boil, skim foam, slowly pour the soup man.

Tomato beef

Materials used
200 grams of beef, spring onions olive or onion 15 grams, 15 grams gravy soup, tomato sauce 15 grams, 5 grams of sugar, 7.5 grams wet starch, pepper 0.05 g, 500 g of oil.
Making and description
First with gravy soup, ketchup, sugar, wet starch, pepper and mix thoroughly to bowl gravy. Burning wok put oil 500 grams, will pull the oil into the beef until cooked, pour in the still, the filtered oil. The feed head, beef on the pan, pour the gravy bowl people, plus 5 grams stir trailer oil on the plate will do.

Beans beef

Materials and Dosage
100 grams of beef, green beans, 150 grams, 1.5 grams ginger, garlic 1 g, 500 g of oil, salt 1 gram, 50 grams of water, gravy soup 25 grams, wet starch 7.5 g, 0.05 g pepper.
Making and description
15 g of oil from the pan, the green beans in the mirror, add salt, water provision to 9 maturity. Pour in a colander, the filtered water. Burning wok put oil 500 grams, beef put people pull the oil to just cooked, pour in the fence, the use of the shuttle in the remaining oil, the feed head, green beans on the protection of fried, add beef with gravy soup, wet starch , pepper and mix thoroughly for the gravy, add the package tail oil 5 grams stir it into the dish.
Cabbage, celery, broccoli, through vegetables, raising beef fried dishes prepared by the same.

Chive Beef

Materials and Dosage Beef 100 g, 100 g needles, chives 75 grams, ginger 1.5 grams, 0.5 grams of salt, 500 grams of oil, gravy soup 25 grams, pepper 0.05 g, 7.5 g wet starch. Making and description First needles, chives placed in the pan, add salt and cook three mature, pour in a colander, the filtered water. Burning wok put oil 500 grams, beef put people pull the oil until cooked, pour in the screen fence, the use is eligible for the remaining oil, the needles. Chives, sprue, beef and other protection in place, with gravy soup, pepper, and mix thoroughly wet starch to thicken, add the package tail oil 5 grams stir the dish will do.